For a while I’ve been hearing about a great IPVanish free sample. Apparently this kind of software can protect your PC by spyware, adware, and whatever else that could harm your computer. But it surely seems like the free trek is only for the limited time and then you have to register to stay receiving improvements, so what is the deal?

Very well, I got my copy from Geeks-in-Route (an affiliate website link; I make no benefit from this). I must say, I was a bit skeptical initially when i first heard of this software, but it surely appears to be all sorts of things it advertises. First of all, that runs a full scan on your hard drive before downloading anything to the hard drive. That immediately discovers and removes any vicious codes or perhaps anything else which may harm you. It also contains a built-in fire wall that obstructions out the “good” guys right from getting into your laptop and messing things up.

So , in short, this kind of software really does what it says it’s going to do, which is secure your PC. And it does this very quickly. And if you want to obtain a feel to get the software you should definitely go for the trial offer, it will give you a good idea of what the software can do for you. So , if you consider you might want to test it out, go for the trial offer and see by yourself how effective it is.